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This is a website where any pool player can receive information regarding designated locations for pool lessons, tournaments and practice spots in Denver and the surrounding areas.

Denver Billiards .net is the hottest place on the internet for Denver pool players of all ranks and ages to come together, meet other competitive pool players and either create or join a Billiards Practice Group. We encourage others to use this site as a social network for Denver Pool players of all leagues to come together, meet other players and cooridnate challenges, form tournaments and practice sessions
As an organization, we plan on sponsoring youth billiards tournaments and events. Denver Billiards wants to promoted itself as a social networking tool for pool players in all local pool leagues. This Website will be an interactive place for denver pool players to network and plan billiards events.  

Denver Billiards.net is also going to be a great resource for helpful information on practicing pool. There is already a 'Training' page located near the top, where you can get access to pool training videos. There will also be pool training tools that you can purchase from the store, which is currently under construction.
If you are looking for a Pool hall in Denver or surrounding areas, I encourage you to click on the 'Practice Spots' page near the top. You will be able to get the exact locations where many of our billiards members meet to practice pool. If you are just beginning, but would like to advance your pool skills, click here to inquire for more information about beginner Pool lessons in the Denver area.

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